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How do I become an FMIGS Fellowship Site?
To become an FMIGS site, a Preceptor application is required. Please contact Claudia Sahagun, FMIGS Administrative Assistant at (800) 554-2245 or e-mail

What is Fund for the Future?
Fund for the Future is a grant program that was created by The Foundation of the AAGL to foster interest in MIGS fellowships by providing funding to fellowship sites in the form of grants.

Who can apply for Fund for the Future grants?
Any FMIGS site may apply for grants. Individual fellows may not apply for funding for themselves, but they may seek funding through the organization sponsoring their fellowship.

Are there any limitations to how the grant may be used?
All funds granted through the program must be used to pay for the direct costs of the fellowship, and may not be used to support indirect costs or program overhead.

When will applications be accepted for the program?
Applications will be accepted beginning July 30, 2014.

When will grant recipients be selected?
We will make a final decision on which sites will be the 2015-2016 recipients of the Fund for the Future grants by October 30, 2014.

The Foundation of the AAGL would like to thank our Corporate Sponsors for their support of the Fund for the Future grant program: